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Every May a shadow appears below the ridge of Fisher Peak. The shadow is an image of a bear walking the mountain. His arrival coincides with that of live bears coming out of hibernation. He ‘walks’ the mountain every clear evening until the end of October when he ‘hibernates’ again until the next spring. The shadow can only be seen from the cliffs on Shadow Mountain!

According to native folklore, the bear is the protector of the valley. When you golf at Shadow Mountain on a summer evening you may witness this phenomenon.

This is how the story of Shadow Mountain began!

Shadow ImageShadow Mountain is very proud to be creating a golf experience second to none! Our vision of molding a golf course in tune with “Mother Nature” and the natural contours, elevation changes and scenery of the property has come to fruition and we are very excited to provide you the opportunity of membership and unforgettable golfing experiences.

In our search for an architect, we were very careful in selecting someone that shared our dream and philosophy in working with the natural landscape and not someone that would come in and “build” a golf course by moving a lot of material constructing false features. We feel we hit a “grand slam” in choosing Cooke Carleton International Golf Course Architects to design and oversee the construction of Shadow Mountain. Our architect, Wayne Carleton, has been on site throughout the logging, construction and grow in, tweaking here and there and has also been very involved in the design of our residential development. He was challenged with designing a world-class golf course, while maintaining those same qualities in the residential portion of our development.

You will see by the passion that is displayed in the following “Architects Note” that Wayne is quite excited about the golf experience that he, along with “Mother Nature”, has designed. We feel that you will be just as excited, once you have had a chance to see and play this magnificent course, here at Shadow Mountain.

Please join us for this unforgettable golf experience!

Architects Note

"Shadow Mountain is one of the most intriguing properties for golf that I have had the pleasure to work on in Canada. The routing will take the golfer on an adventure across this diverse landscape of rolling forested sand dunes and mountainous terrain. No expense was spared in preserving the natural character of this wonderful site, letting the land dictate the design and thus allowing us to create some of the most memorable golf holes you will ever have the privilege of playing.

Each hole at Shadow Mountain has its own character and personality, meandering through mature forests and featuring large contoured greens, rolling Bentgrass fairways and rugged classic bunkering that will define each and every hole. The course will reward strategic, patient play from every level of player and take the golfer on a journey that is second to none in Canadian golf.

I hope you enjoy the Shadow Mountain golf experience as much as we enjoyed designing it!"

Wayne Carleton - Golf Course Architect